The Secret to Eliminating Marijuana Odor

Few people want the smell of cigarettes in their home, so it’s obvious the same would apply to marijuana smoke. As medicinal marijuana legalization picks up speed, how do we reduce the plume of smoke coming from our neighborhoods?

 One method for reducing the smell is using a vaporizer. But, just how efficient is this method? And, what if you don’t have $200 to burn on a quality vape? If you don’t feel like hiding under your sheets, what other homemade methods are there for reducing marijuana odor?

 Sploof –  a homemade filter used to blow marijuana smoke through. The device is constructed to neutralize the smell of marijuana, before it disperses into the environment around you.

 The Sploof Research Study

In June 2013, funded a study on the effectiveness of five different popular homemade sploofs. The purpose of the experiment was to answer two age old questions:

1. Just how far does the smell of marijuana smoke travel?

2. What methods reduce the smell of marijuana best?

For their experiment, the team set out to test the four most common smoking mechanisms: a bowl, a joint, a bong and a vaporizer. Using a Fluke 985 Particle Counter, the team was able to calculate how many smoke particles entered the air, using each smoking device in combination with the five different sploofs. Check out some of their results below:


The Findings

 First, the study discovered that of the five sploofs used, the ones with activated charcoal were twice as effective as those without. In fact, the activated charcoal sploofs reduced the particle count to the same level as a vaporizer! Activated charcoal is a very porous form of charcoal that absorbs particles in the air. It’s used in fish tanks to eliminate toxins that build up in the water as well as in commercial air filters.

 Secondly, vaporizer results stood well above the rest when it comes to marijuana smoke filtration.  Vaping produced far less of each type of particle measured than any of the other three methods, allowing you to smoke anywhere in your home without the smell escaping to another room. A pipe, a bong and a joint all produced close to the same amount of smoke when used in combination with a spoof.

Lastly, the study concluded that smoking at least one room from the front door while using a sploof would eliminate any smell escaping the apartment. Check out the exact particle counts and additional findings in the executive summary.


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