cheapee's synthetic urine product

Does Synthetic Urine Still Work?

Yes, it still works fine. There was an upsurge of doubt recently about the validity of it’s usefulness, although we have no idea why. Synthetic urine will always continue to work as long as they don’t change the laws regarding the testing guidelines.

There’s only one way to detect if your urine is synthetic or not, which is by testing LgG, a DNA component. Since DNA testing is federally prohibited by law, it will never be a concern for those of us passing drug tests with it. If you are drug testing for a job within the government, it may be a better idea to do a diluting method to cleanse yourself of unwanted drug metabolites. If you question it’s validity against our suggestions, you still have an option we can reccomend: Real Powdered Urine.

Will Synthetic Urine Pass A Urinalysis?

Yes, in most cases, it will. When you go to a regular urinalysis, they will ask you to submit your urine and leave you alone in a room. While in there you can pop open your fake pee and empty it to the submission cup. Hardly is this ever scrutinized.

In some situations it will not

These cases would be when you are being supervised. They will usually pat you down, and then watch while you submit your urine. You won’t have a chance to use your fake pee, so this guarantees that you will have to use your own urine. For this you need to dilute your urine to pass your drug test.

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last?

Our product is guaranteed to last for at least one year. If you plan to purchase some and store it for when you need it, we recommend that you keep it out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that our synthetic urine will pass a regular (non-DNA type) urinalysis if our directions are followed. We will however need proof of the failed test. Getting caught is not applicable for a refund either, so we only guarantee our product passing the test, not your ability to be sneaky.

Directions To Use

Very simple instructions will be included with the urine, but in case you are just curious:

  1. Heat urine in a microwave for 10 seconds (only if outside temps are below 90*).
  2. Attach heating pad with the included rubber band.
  3. Pour into the urinalysis cup.

That’s all!

Is It Safe?

Yes, our fake pee is 100 percent NON-TOXIC! Feel free to use it for whatever purpose you desire.