Saliva tests may be an infrequent type of drug test, but they still exist and we think that you should know what it is and how to pass it if you ever come across one.


Usually following some sort of incident, saliva testing is performed to detect if drug use was involved. Other uses may be for intake into rehab programs, or even DNA testing and hormone testing, both those are different stories.

When a saliva analysis is being performed a mouth swab will be administered to the inside of a patients cheek where it will collect data for an immunoassay. After the swab has sufficiently scrubbed the cheek it is placed into a tube and sent for examination.

This is sort of a crude method, one that we will exploit in the hopes of passing one.

Short Window For Detection

It’s true, saliva testing is fairly inadequate for for drug testing because most substances are removed within a short period, from things like eating and brushing your teeth. Mouth swab tests are probably better saved for DNA testing and the like, due to the evidence being gone in as little as a few hours! This may be a good thing for those that are required to submit for an exam, but for those that are forced to submit immediately it could be troublesome.

In those cases you may want to acquire some Mouthwash beforehand so that you can be ready on the spot. If you would rather not have to worry about carrying around some sort of astringent with you, just follow our easy method to pass:

How To Pass

Usually the test is divided into two parts: one will be just a cheek swab, the next will be a saturation swab. During the first test, just place it on your teeth, pretending to swab the cheek. Try not to touch your tongue or cheek. For the next test, lightly clench the swab in between your teeth, while avoiding the cheek and tongue, for the time period that the technician requires.

This really is a trick since you will be trying to fool the tech into believing that you are submitting a valid mouth swab. Try practicing, with a q-tip, to become proficient in saliva test passing!