Man, it must be a tough ordeal, when the average amateur grower is looking about, trying to decide which type of marijuana seed would be best to start growing.

I mean, just look into any type of seed dispensary bank and you can start to get an idea of the vast amount of options one has to ponder over during the product selection period.

It doesn’t help that the type of marketing that has been used to name each variety has turned into a ridiculous game of outrageous monikers. Take for instance: Jock Horror, or Raspberry Cough

I suppose that may have been the only route, aside of the possible Latin descriptions that would have normally been used to identify varieties of the greenery.

Weed Seeds Are Probably Illegal For You

While some states consider themselves immune to federal laws that exist to stop marijuana use, it doesn’t mean that you should consider yourself immune to the repercussions that could pop up for you if you were to be caught buying weed seeds online. Buying cannabis seeds from across the pond in countries where it’s legal to own and sell these products may come back to haunt you.

These places usually ship their seeds in an obscure item, such as a CD case, to conceal them.  They call this “stealth packaging,” but you may want to think about whether or not your preferred seedbank is smarter than the Government. If you were to be caught receiving such packages, you would probably face some serious charges. That being said, I think you would be much better just buying your medicine at the dispensaries in your town. The offenses should be much less troublesome.

Messing with the mail is a federal offense, so is hitting your bong.