Marijuana News: States That Are Legalizing Marijuana for Recreational Use

Legal Marijuana Use!

The latest marijuana news today mostly revolves around the possible legalization of recreational use of marijuana in states other than Washington and Colorado. These two states made history for being the country’s first states to enact such laws despite the fact that the use of this substance is still prohibited by federal laws.

Colorado’s Proposition 64

According to Gov. John Hickenlooper, Proposition 64’s stipulations are based on the opinions of the state’s voting population. It is primarily meant to legalize the possession and sale of marijuana for residents 21 years old and above. However, since federal laws still identify marijuana as an illegal drug, he cautions that it is still too early to celebrate such good news. At present, the proposition is meant to make the sale and possession available only in specific types of establishments. Consequently, the state government is hoping to collect millions of revenue once the proposition has been put to effect.

Washington Amendment 64

In the state of Washington, voters have also recommended a similar statute. This time, the state’s proposition is meant to legalize the use of certain amounts of marijuana for individuals who are 21 years old and above.

Legalization of Use of Marijuana in Other States

California by far exhibits the greatest level of leniency towards marijuana use, but these laws had only come to effect in 2005. Even so, the Supreme Court ruling also allowed for the criminalization of marijuana by the Congress with its Commerce Clause.

California isn’t alone in having voters support the legalization of marijuana. Laws regarding the medicinal use of the said plant had been successfully passed in Massachusetts, and the same thing happened in seventeen other states. However, other marijuana news showed that those living elsewhere were not as lucky. In Oregon, for instance, the bill for the legalization of marijuana had not been approved.

Legal Marijuana to Same Sex Marriage

If you are wondering about the fate of federal legalization for marijuana then several lessons could be learned from the outcome of voting for same-sex marriage. Firstly, it had a number of popular advocates, including Gov. Martin O’Malley (MD), who many believe would run for presidency in 2016. Maine’s decision on the issue had also put an end to a 32-state losing streak, one that started since 1998 as every state voting on it decided on a “No” to the issue. It’s still not a commonly popular issue, though. In Minnesota, for instance, voters were still against same-sex marriage but the votes also showed that a chance for legislation in the following year is more than likely.

What can be clearly observed here is that gay marriages used to be as unpopular and unfavorable as the legalization of marijuana sale. Yet over time, such views changed and now more and more people have embraced the idea of same sex marriages. That said, don’t be too surprised if in the next couple of years you’ll read about more states legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

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