Can you pass a drug test with water?


A few weeks ago I was looking into the whole drug detox scene, and I noticed one thing would keep coming up on some sites. They would state that it’s impossible to pass a drug test with just water. The funny thing is that all of the sites that were stating this were companies that were making money by selling their own products. I began to wonder if they were only saying this as a means to get people to purchase their detox programs.

So, intrigued I started a little research on the subject. I know that there is really only one definite way to pass a drug test, and that is by waiting a long enough period to have all of the metabolites exit your body. THC takes the longest because it’s metabolite likes to hang out in our fat cells, and could take anywhere between a month to two months to totally evacuate. There lots of variables that could change that time frame like metabolism and body fat.

While I was thinking about what all affects our test results, one thing was becoming clear, body fat kept appearing. I used to study weightlifting and I remember that to decrease body fat percentage, you need to consume more water. Well, this could possibly mean that consuming just water alone could affect your test results, right? I mean, really you’d have to be eating normal, but by way of say some exercise and increased water intake you could actually change the amount of THC metabolites in your body.

I can’t really be sure if it would be enough to bring your numbers down to below 50 ng/ml, which is the legal limit, that would depend on the amount you use and most importantly, the amount of time before your test. The big issue is this: how much time do you have? A week? I wouldn’t recommend this. Two weeks? Possibly, depending on the amount you have been using.

In conclusion, I’m sure you can pass a drug test with just water, well water and the right amount of time! I recommend that everybody drinks more water and exercise more even if you don’t have a drug test coming up in the future. If anyone has tried this, post it in the reply box below and we can get a discussion going.

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