A Letter To Our Readers

When I first started this site, there weren’t any states that had legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Since then we have only seen 4 (albeit huge breakthroughs) of the 50 do it, but I have a great feeling that this will all change soon.

While we wait for the supreme court to drop cannabis to a Schedule I drug, or even decriminalize it, we have a lot of groundwork to do with the remaing 46 states. I feel like the tides are changing though, and that good things are coming, so now more than ever does this site need to be developed into what it’s readers deserve.

Big Changes Are Coming…

While there are numerous other websites dedicated to the use of cannabis, I feel like there just isn’t enough community involvement allowed on any them, I mean sure you can comment on articles or whatever, but it doesn’t satisfy the need for a lot of readers. That is why weedies.org is going to go through a major overhaul.

Weedies will soon be an epicenter of community engagement and contributions dedicated to the collective mind that can generate the knowledgebase that our beloved medicinal marijuana requires.

What To Expect

From the first day that I launched weedies, I always wanted it to be a place where members could contribute. I felt that my own story was a really great one, but was just one simple example. There are tons of success stories from patients, loads of great ideas for grow rooms, and millions of awesome and amazing experiences lived that need to be told by the people that experienced them. I can’t tell any other stories than my own, and I can’t voice every opinion either.

That’s why the site will now be run by members.

The power of many is so much greater than the few, than the single. I want every voice out there that wants to be heard have an outlet for them to broadcast from, which is why I am changing the site to a contributor based site.

What Will Change

  • New User Groups are going to be made that will allow anyone to become a contributor, and some to become Editors and even Administrators.
  • All Users will be allowed to make an account and upload their own articles and/or pictures to their personalized pages, specific categories, and post their own reviews of products.
  • All Users will be able to edit pages to fix errors or to add , pending approval by and Editor or Administrator.
  • A Personalized Front Page will be available to all Registered Users that will show content that the group has voted the most important posts up to the top.
  • Admins and Editors will add new categories and features, based on community interest and engagement.
  • No Advertisements. I want to focus on important issues, and generating a few bucks from the communities contributions will not be one of them.

I run and pay for weedies.org by myself, but it’s pretty cheap honestly. A few thousand visitors a day is not a hard hit to the server I have running for this project. If it really gets out of hand and we get to the point where it costs too much for us to handle then we may consider alternative methods of income generation to provide the sites availability, such as ads or sponsors or whatever…

April 20th

Earth Day. Mother Plant Day. Weedies Community Overhaul Day.

I have the new site being developed RIGHT NOW, and I picked 4/20 as the date to have it up and running. I may not have l the kinks worked out, but hey, currently this is a one man operation. As of now, this is a totally realistic goal, however keep in mind that weedies.org is going through a major redesign and a major backend infrastructure, so…

So What

You may be thinking “well, so what man?”. I’ll tell you so what!

I am opening registration on this current wordpress based site to all contributors. By that I mean I will allow anyone who registers by clicking this link to become a contributor RIGHT NOW.

I’m not going to add you to a email list or anything, I just want the people that need an outlet for their voice to be heard by a few thousand readers to be heard. Just register and I’ll give you capabilites to approve your own content. Simple.

The change is in the air, can you smell it?

Michigan Poll Says 50% Support Legalization & Taxation


A new poll conducted by EPIC-MRA of Lansing shows that 50 percent of Michigan voters would be likely to support a future ballot proposal to legalize the possession or cultivation of marijuana by adults 21 years of age or older and allow taxable sales at state-licensed stores.

The poll was commisioned by NORML‘s MI chapter, and surveyed 600 people. Now, while 50% of the vote may seem like it was split down the middle, there was actually an undecided count of 4%, making this a final vote of 50/46. Good news for Michigan!

Borrowed from an article at mlive:


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