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Should You Cultivate Your Own Marijuana - One of the most amazing characteristics of cannabis is it’s ability to treat a large variety of illnesses, but should a patient learn how to grow it? We think that it truly is important to be able to cultivate your own plant in the event that you may not be able to receive it in your area easily.

┬áThe Best Way To Use Marijuana – Typically, marijuana use is associated with young people, labeled as stoners, using devices such as pipes or waterpipes (or bongs). However, an average medical marijuana patient should be using their medicine a safer way, by vaporizing it.

┬áConcerns About Employment Testing – Until the United States passes a law that totally decriminalizes the use of marijuana, the laws that currently exist will discriminate against users. One of the problems that we encounter lies in the employment area, wherein employers require submissions for drug testing. If you have a concern, you need to read this.

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