Also known as cannabis sativa or cannabis indica, a variety of of the cannabis plant that has medicinal and psychoactive effects. Traditionally it has been used as a medicine, and more recently as a recreational drug. Medical Marijuana Cannabis has…


Drug Testing

The exercise that is carried out whenever a doctor, legal entity, athletic organization or employer needs to determine whether an individual has banned or illegal substances in his or her body. Drug testing may be carried out a number of…

Marijuana & Cash

The Economic Impact of Legalizing Marijuana

  When Washington state and Colorado both voted to legalize marijuana in November 2012, the new law was estimated to bring both states more than $550 million combined annually. Nearly 300 noted economists had already started a petition to the…

Top 12 Most Amazing Joints

Top 12 Most Awesomest Joints

There’s a myriad of choices for rolling up your medical marijuana, but a few have rained supreme. Follow the pages to see all of the most amazing marijuana joints! #1 : The Cross Joint Starting this list we have the… ...

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